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The assignee of the trade mark «Medpolymer», which produced materials for practicing dentists since 1937, was the company «Polymer-Dentistry». The young innovative enterprise was founded by the supporters of «Medpolymer» dentistry traditions, who managed not only to preserve unique Soviet technologies and quality, but also to develop them to the technological level of the 21 st century.

The production of dental materials «Medpolymer» from St. Petersburg was moved to the production site of JSC «EP «VladMiVa» in Belgorod. One of the criteria for choosing this site was the availability of a certified quality management system in production in accordance with ISO 13485. The quality management system operating at JSC «EP «VladMiVa» is an indicator of the company's reliability and ability to produce products not only in accordance with the technical specifications, but also in accordance with the requirements of international standards. Unique specifications were carefully preserved, transported and reassembled.
Currently, industrial production of all dental cements, a metal group of medical products - clasps, sleeves, orthodontic wire, matrices and strips of stainless steel, abrasive dental heads and elastic grinding wheels has been mastered. . The catalog presents the entire range, manufactured by the company «Polymer-Dentistry». In the future, it is planned to expand the range of products.

We are sure that the innovative approaches of «Polymer-Dentistry» and the certified quality management system of «VladMiVa» company are a confirmation of the high quality and reliability of the products presented in the catalog.

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